How to purchase the satisfied goods?
Professional and meticulous procurement must pay more attention to the following three points:
(1) Quality The traditional explanation of quality is good, excellent, but to the purchaser, the quality should be defined accord with the requirements or specifications in the sale agreement. Therefore, purchaser should seek to understand if suppliers are familiar with their own products. A better management system of supplier should have the following related documents of quality:
Quality Certificate
Commodity Inspection
Purchasers should obtain the above information from supplier to facilitate future transactions. The performance standards of products in China include national standards, professional (Department) standards and enterprise standards, which are divided into compulsory standards and voluntary standards. But usually the quality in the sales contract or order is shown in these ways:
The Grande of goods in market
Common standards for commercial
Physical or chemical specification
Performance specifications
Engineering drawing
Sample (the seller or buyer)
Combination of the above ways
Purchasers should first achieve mutually agreement in quality standards of products with suppliers. In order to avoid future disputes or legal proceedings, it had better to require suppliers to provide samples archive, such as rice, clothing, textile products, footwear and other goods. In view of defectives or those had been damaged in the process of storage and transportation, purchasers must required the supplier return purchase or refund.
(2) Packaging Packaging can be divided into two types: inner and outer packages. Inner packaging is to protect, display, or explain the goods, while outer packaging is only used in the protection of storage and transportation. Well-designed inner package often improves the client's purchasing desire, accelerate the rotation of goods. Purchasers should persuade suppliers to learn from good companies in this area and to make improvements which can enhance the sell of each other.
(3) Price
In addition to quality and packaging, the price is the most important item. High quality and low price, if you judge the price is unable to attract customers when you add gross profit to the buying price, you should not purchase from the company.
Before purchasing, purchasers should first survey the market price, not make the decision by one-side of suppliers. If purchasers do not have market price of the same products to be investigated, the purchasers can refer to the similar products. When requiring the price, the purchasers had better analyze the cost or price. Purchasers should choose two or three lower target suppliers when several suppliers bidding, then purchasing with them to obtain fair and reasonable price. However, the purchasers should not think that who offer the lowest price will be the best supplier. We have to select a supplier who can support delivery, service, marketing support, other sponsorship for us. Therefore, we sometimes give up cooperating with those companies which offer very low prices for us, but choose some manufacturers who are not willing to offer low prices. Because the latter usually will support more marketing and promotion cost for the product quality, supply assurance, service, promotional activities and other sponsors.
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